We Need Your Help: Parenting Young Athletes

by | Feb 25, 2016 | Family, Parenting, Sports, Vlog

Sisters of Sound Mind and Spirit discuss parenting young athletes

Whoo!  Thank you for the support of our first blog video. We really enjoyed the comments and feedback we received, sooo…. we made another one!

In true working mom-busy-procrastinating fashion, Shelly and I recorded this video blog on Saturday night, yet we’re just now posting it online today.  But we did it and that’s what counts, right?

We kick off our introduction with some shout outs to a few friends, check-in on our Lent, and talk a little about what I should watch next on Netflix.  However, this video topic is primarily about parenting young athletes.  Shelly’s daughter plays competitive select softball and my kids are soccer players on both recreational and competitive teams. Parenting young athletes is full of pitfalls and Shelly and I are open about a few of our own mistakes made while supporting our kids. We’d love your input if you have any experience in this area or questions for us.

So join us for 25 minutes and let us know your experience on parenting your athlete (or what you’re watching on Netflix.)

Disclaimer: This episode of the as yet unnamed of sound mind and spirit video blog is best viewed with a full glass of red wine.

Thank you for watching us.  What is your experience parenting children who play sports?  What should I watch next on Netflix?

Valuable Lessons your Child will Learn in Sports - Quote with Soccer picture

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