Serve Your Family – Wash the Plate

Do you at times feel unappreciated by your kids and spouse for all you do to keep the family running?  You know…  meals, laundry, errands, emails, cleaning, appointments, driving, planning, shopping, work and more.

A mom asked this question on a Facebook group recently and my immediate thought was “Yes” a resounding yes!  Maybe not all the time, but there were definitely times that I’ve felt invisible and taken for granted when my kids were little and certainly there are times now that they are teens/young adults. 

Almost immediately, moms jumped in the comments section to respond.  Many of the comments were merely an agreement with the sentiment, a simple validation we’re not alone, and others offered to pray for this woman.  But to my surprise, several women offered suggestions on how they personally try to view their tasks for their families as acts of service.

Serve Jesus by Serving the Family

Something said that really resonated with me was that I serve Jesus by serving my family.  What a powerful way of looking at my endless homemaking.  If I can keep that in mind as I’m doing the seemingly meaningless daily tasks for my family, maybe it would improve the way I feel about doing it day in and day out.

Wash the Plate

Another mom pointed us to a quote by Saint Teresa of Calcutta that I hadn’t heard before. (As as you may know, I love quotes from St. Teresa of Calcutta.)

Wash the plate.  Not because it’s dirty, but because you Love the person who will use it next.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta
Serve Your Family - Wash the Plate graphic

Wow. What a loving and inspirational message.  I took it to heart and found a pretty, digital graphic of the Mother Teresa quote on Etsy that I could purchase and print myself.  I put it in a frame, and it is now next to my kitchen sink where I will see it daily to remind me that I love Jesus by serving my family with love.

 As I read through all the comments on this original Facebook post, I was reminded of the awesome power of moms coming together to support, uplift, and pray for one other.  We remind each other that each of us are called to serve Jesus, and sometimes, we are called to serve Jesus by simply washing the plate with love.

Reflection Question

Do you at times feel unappreciated by your kids and spouse for all you do to keep the family running? 

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Lisa Henley Jones