Our Friends The Saints

Our Friends the Saints with Maria Morera Johnson on the Of Sound and Spirit Podcast

Why do we call the saints our friends? In episode 023 of the Of Sound Mind and Spirit podcast, we delve into the fascinating world of saints with our special guest, Maria Morera Johnson.

Maria Morera Johnson is the author of “My Badass Book of Saints“, “Super Girls and Halos“, and “Our Lady of Charity“, and host of CatholicMom Prayercast.

Together we explore the idea of finding saints in our everyday lives and how saints serve as role models for us in navigating our spiritual journeys.

To learn more about our friends the saints, we invite you to listen to this episode of the podcast. Here are 3 key takeaways from our conversation:

1️⃣ Saints are relatable: Saints may have dramatic martyrdom stories, but most have a quiet, heroic virtue that we can aspire to emulate in our own lives. Just like ordinary people, they faced challenges and triumphs, and through their alignment with the Lord, they showed the path to sainthood.

2️⃣ Saints can “follow” us: By becoming more aware of our surroundings and increasing our spiritual reading, we may start noticing recurring mentions of certain saints. It’s intriguing to interpret these encounters as signs that the saints are following or guiding us on our journey towards holiness.

3️⃣ Saints are still being made: Saints aren’t just figures from the past. They continue to be made in the present through the extraordinary actions and deep faith of individuals like you and me. We can all strive to live lives of holiness and be an inspiration to others, just like the saints who came before us.

What Saint has been calling or following you?

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