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Shelly & Lisa are available to speak at your event together or individually. We will compose our presentation around your event theme. Check out some of our past topics if you need ideas. Contact us by using our form below.

Striving for Suburban Sainthood: Finding holiness in the ordinary of our lives

In Between Sundays: Integrating faith into the day to day family life

Gifts for Jesus: Helping your kids discover the true “Reason for the Season” at Advent and Christmas

Give for 40: Preparing for the Risen Christ with 40 days of service and sacrifice during Lent

Let Your Light Shine: Amplify your faith-filled message in a world full of noise

Of Proven Worth: Identify your roadblocks to feeling worthy of God’s Love

Take the Crazy out of Christmas: Helping parents focus on the reason for the season

Engaging Kids during Mass: Practical tips for helping wiggly kids participate in Mass

Advent is NOT “The Crazy Busy Season Before Christmas: Simplify the season and receive God’s gift of Advent.

Being a Catechist: How volunteering for Youth Ministry can change your life.

Marriage Gifts: Seeing the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in your Marriage

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Marriage Gifts: Wisdom

Marriage Gifts: Wisdom

A continuation of the Marriage Gifts series: Exploring how the Holy Spirit Gift of Wisdom allows us to see God at work in our lives.

Scripture Reflection for February 25, 2023

Scripture Reflection for February 25, 2023

Scripture for February 25, 2023 - Luke 5:27-32 "Follow Me" Don’t you love scripture where Jesus calls the sinners to be with Him?  After all, who doesn’t love an invitation to belong, to come on the journey?  Thankfully, there are so many times in the Bible...

Lent Check-in… Again!

Lent Check-in… Again!

How are you approaching Lent this year? Join Lisa and Shelly as they check in with a new video just in time for Lent.