What is Spiritual Direction?

Ever feel hesitant to start something new in your spiritual journey? You’re not alone! Join us on Episode 56 of the Of Sound Mind and Spirit podcast, “What is Spiritual Direction?” as we dive deep into the transformative experience of spiritual direction with our guest, Certified Spiritual Director Deanna Bartalini.

What is Spiritual Direction with Deanna Bartalini - podcast episode from Of Sound Mind and Spirit

Deanna unpacks the essence of spiritual direction, explaining how it provides a sacred space to explore one’s spiritual life and relationship with God. We discuss common challenges in prayer, like feeling guilty for being still or overwhelmed by religious practices and discover practical ways to deepen your spiritual journey. Deanna also shares her personal experiences and tips on finding the right spiritual director, along with fascinating insights on Ignatian spirituality and the role of the Holy Spirit.

5 Key Takeaways from This Episode

1. What is Spiritual Direction? – Understand the essence of spiritual direction and how it differs from counseling or casual spiritual guidance.

2. The Role of the Holy Spirit – Discover how the Holy Spirit guides the process of spiritual direction and the importance of active listening.

3. Common Challenges in Prayer – Learn about the hurdles many face in their prayer life and practical ways to overcome them.

4. Finding the Right Spiritual Director – Get tips on how to choose a good spiritual director and where to look for one.

5. Practical Tools for Spiritual Growth – Explore different methods and tools that can help you grow in your prayer life and become more comfortable with God.

If you’ve ever felt disconnected from God, faced major life decisions, or simply wanted to grow spiritually, this episode of the Sound Mind and Spirit Podcast is for you. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired to live “not lukewarm,” as Deanna says. Don’t forget to visit her website, livenotlukwarm.com, for more resources.

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