Physical Health vs Spiritual Health

Physical Health vs. Spiritual Health

So many of us, myself included, spend time working to be physically healthy and in good shape. I read blogs, pin workout routines, head to the gym and watch what I eat.  The physical health of my family is also a top priority by paying attention to what I feed my family, teaching them healthy habits and encouraging my children to get daily physical exercise.  

Yet, I must ask myself,


I work hard to get into good physical shape, but what hard work do I do to get into good spiritual shape? 

 Do I work as hard at my faith life as I do working out at the gym?  

Is the spiritual health of my family as high a priority as the type of food they put into their bodies?   

If I am truthful, I admit that I’ve been guilty of placing more attention on their physical health on a regular basis than I do on their spiritual health.  This is a bit lopsided, after all one of my main jobs as a parent is to help my children get to know Jesus and get to Heaven.  How do I work to achieve that goal?  How do I show their spiritual health as a top priority in the midst of our busy lives?  
While I pray and think over these questions, I’d love to hear how you work on a daily basis to get yourself and your family in good spiritual shape.  Do you work as hard on your spiritual health as you do your physical health?