40 Ways to Give in Lent

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40 Ways to Give in Lent

Every year as Lent approaches, my children and I brainstorm ideas for our Lenten resolutions.  By choosing actions or ideas we strive to fulfill the 3 Pillars of Lent: Almsgiving, Fasting and Prayer.  It can be difficult to find just the right thing to accomplish that will also lead us to a holier life on Easter Sunday. 

This year I asked my children to think about ways we can use our sacrifice and preparation to Give for the 40 days of Lent instead of thinking of Lent as a time of “giving up.”  Here is what they came up with:

  1. Have a Mass said for someone
  2. Pray for your Priest
  3. Do a chore for a family member, neighbor or friend without being asked
  4. Volunteer as a family
  5. Pray the rosary in the car instead of listening to the radio
  6. Read a book or play a game instead of watching our regular TV shows
  7. Take a meal or baked goods to a friend for no reason
  8. Send cards or letters in the snail mail to someone who is important to you
  9. Collect change in a rice bowl for Catholic Relief Services
  10. Visit the nursing home
  11. Share a smile with someone everyday
  12. Attend a daily Mass once a week
  13. Clean out your closets
  14. Donate money from garage sales to the church (see #13)
  15. Attend Adoration
  16. Purchase socks, undergarments and toiletries for a shelter or your school’s clothing program
  17. Pray a devotion or novena as a family
  18. Invite your parish priest or a parish staff member over for dinner
  19. On meatless Friday’s, avoid eating “nice” fish or seafood dinners; donate the difference to Catholic charity.
  20. Enjoy a nature walk to enjoy more of God’s creation
  21. Spend time in stillness, even if only for five minutes
  22. Choose one toy a week from their room to donate
  23. Make Pretzels, the perfect Lenten food
  24. Choose a short book or bible study to do with your spouse (okay, that one was for me not the kids.)
  25. Go to Reconciliation
  26. Say something positive to each family member and one stranger a day
  27. Eat healthier foods
  28. Learn about a new Saint
  29. Attend Stations of the Cross
  30. Fast from unnecessary purchases
  31. Invite another family over for fellowship after Mass
  32. Spend a few minutes praying and talking with your child at the end of the day
  33. Attend Mass at the Cathedral or another parish
  34. Pray the rosary as a family
  35. Compliment, not complain (Praise God)
  36. Do a Lenten craft found on sites like CatholicIcing.com
  37. Learn a new prayer (Hail Holy Queen?)
  38. Plant a garden
  39. Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier
  40. Create a paper chain with a different #Givefor40 action on each link. Open one link per day.

 How will your family #Givefor40 this Lent?

Lisa Henley Jones

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Lisa Henley Jones