Gifts for Jesus: Celebrating Christmas with Love and Patience

In this heartwarming podcast episode, our hosts Shelly and Lisa delve deep into the essence of Christmas giving. Amidst the pressure of finding the perfect gifts and managing a budget, they introduce a refreshing perspective: What if we shifted our focus and considered what gifts we could offer to Jesus?

Gifts for Jesus - episode 30 from Of Sound Mind and Spirit Podcast with Lisa and Shelly

Drawing inspiration from a “Gifts for Jesus” event at Shelly’s parish, sisters, Lisa and Shelly, explore the various gifts that truly resonate with the spirit of Christ – love, patience, respect, human dignity, forgiveness, peace, and hope. They extend an invitation to all of us to partake in acts of kindness that echo these virtues.

We explore the novel idea of presenting gifts to Jesus, Himself. What would the King of Kings cherish most? We believe love, patience, respect, human dignity, forgiveness, peace, and hope might just be at the top of His list. In Episode 30 of the Of Sound Mind and Spirit Podcast titled “Gifts for Jesus” we discuss intentional actions, simple yet profound, from smiling at a stranger to showing respect and dignity in our everyday interactions.

This episode isn’t just a conversation—it’s a call to action, an invitation to join us in making this Christmas one of deeper significance and shared joy.

So, whether you’re wrapping gifts, baking cookies, or just taking a moment to breathe amidst the festivities, let’s find inspiration together and wrap up this year with peace, love, and a renewed focus on what matters most.

We want to know! What ‘gifts for Jesus’ do you feel called to give this year and how do you plan to incorporate them into your holiday celebrations?

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Lisa Henley Jones