Overcoming Holiday Stress

by | Nov 16, 2023 | Holiday, Podcast

This episode promises to bring a dose of calm amid the flurry of the holiday season, allow your spirits to stay bright, and relieve you from the joy-stealing stresses that can often creep in.

Overcoming Holiday Stress - Podcast Episode from Of Sound Mind and Spirit

 In this episode, listen to us, Shelly and Lisa, as we trade stories about our different approaches to holiday planning, preparation, and overcoming holiday stress. While Lisa loves to add decorations everywhere, Shelly’s stress levels rise at wrapping garland around her house. But no fear, we find humor and camaraderie in our shared experiences while also reflecting on how to keep up with expectations yet retain the essence of holiday joy.

From exploring methods to stay organized during the holidays and the pros and cons of over-decorating, to dealing with the inundation of commercialization and social media pressures, we’ve covered it all. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed this holiday season, or have been there before, this episode is your guide to a more peaceful and joyful holiday. 🎄✨

Three key takeaways from the episode:
1️⃣ Simplicity is key: Plan ahead to manage holiday tasks effectively. Simplify your holiday season by focusing on the true spirit of the festivities rather than getting caught up in unnecessary tasks.
2️⃣ Focus on Meaningful Experiences: Rather than striving for perfection and getting caught up in the materialistic aspects of holidays, prioritize cherishing time with loved ones, showing gratitude and spreading joy, love, and peace.
3️⃣ Step Away from Social Media Pressures: Navigating the holiday season involves dealing with a good amount of stress, making it more essential to not get swayed by the picture-perfect holiday scenarios on social media like Instagram and TikTok.

Advent Books

Here are links to the two Advent books we review in the episode.

Draw Near: Daily Prayers for Advent and Christmas 2023

Rejoice! An Advent Pilgrimage into the Heart of Scripture: Year B

We Want to Know:

What causes you stress at the holidays? What helps you overcome holiday stress?

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