Discovering the Heart of Advent

Do you find Advent peaceful or does the thought of preparing for Jesus at Christmas stress you out? The heart of Advent is an invitation to quiet our hearts and prepare for the joyful fulfillment of God’s promise.

Joyful Anticipation: Discovering the Heart of Advent - Episode 28 of the Of Sound Mind and Spirit Podcast

With the twinkle of Christmas lights beginning to glitter, our latest Of Sound Mind and Spirit podcast episode dives into the profound spiritual journey of Advent, reminding us to kindle joy within our hearts and refocus our minds on what truly matters.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this Advent podcast episode:

🕯 An Exploration of Joy: What does joy really mean during this sacred season? We discuss its profound significance in accordance with the Sunday readings and why it is vital to focus on the joyous anticipation of Jesus’s coming.

📔 Spiritual Practices for Advent: Discover simple, impactful ways to witness Advent in a fulfilling manner. Whether it’s journaling, embracing the stillness in moments of silence at church, or making conscious space for God in the day’s busyness, we share practices that can deepen your spiritual journey.

🕊 The Advent Challenge: Find inspiration from an Archbishop’s Advent challenge to listen to Jesus daily. We ponder the profound impact of moments when we may not have heard Him and the importance of presence and intentional listening.

🎧 Turning Down the Noise: We discuss the importance of alertness, awareness, and being spiritually prepared for Jesus’s arrival. Join in our challenge to seek quietude, to turn off the external noise, and to contemplate what changes might bring us closer to God’s love and grace.

Tune in to “Episode 28: Joyful Anticipation: Discovering the Heart of Advent” for a serene exploration of this anticipatory season. In the episode we explore four simple ways to experience Advent that doesn’t mean adding to your to-do list.

And remember, we’re not seeking perfection but presence this season.

Advent Challenge

Spend a little quiet time inviting God to show you what you need to change in your life; what can you turn away FROM in order to turn towards Him? 

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Lisa Henley Jones