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What is Adoration?  Exploring Catholic Practices of Adoration. - Of Sound Mind and Spirit Podcast

Adoration. What is it? Why should you go? What can you expect when there. And what do you do while there? In episode 22 of the Of Sound Mind and Spirit podcast, we share our own journeys from apprehension and uncertainty to developing a devotion for this dedicated way of spending time with Christ, in prayer and worship.

In the simplest form of telling you about adoration: it’s that we’re spending time with Jesus. We’re visiting with Jesus. Adoration is when we go and we sit and we are in loving admiration with complete devotion to Christ as he exists in the form of the Blessed Sacrament on the altar.

To learn more about the Catholic practice of Eucharistic Adoration we invite you to listen to the podcast. Here are three key takeaways from this episode: 🌟

1️⃣ Adoration is a dedicated way to spend time with Christ: We explore how adoration is not just a form of prayer and worship but also a peaceful and intimate way to commune with Jesus. Discover the power of stillness and silence in forming a deeper relationship with our Lord.

2️⃣ A glimpse into the adoration experience: Join us as we recount personal experiences of adoration, from observing grandmothers appreciating the presence of Jesus with their little ones to finding solace and emotional connection through praise and worship music. Learn how music can draw us closer to our spiritual selves and create space for divine communication.

3️⃣ Overcoming fears and uncertainties: We share our own journey of apprehension and uncertainty surrounding adoration, and how opening up honest conversations with others helped to dispel fears. Explore the power of vulnerability and community as we navigate the intricacies of faith and spirituality.

Adoration is a dedicated way for Catholics to spend time with Christ in a form of prayer and worship. It’s a beautiful opportunity to pour our hearts out to Him and bask in His presence.

Have you had the opportunity to sit in silence with God in adoration? How did it make you feel?

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