Scripture Reflection for April 12, 2023

by | Apr 11, 2023 | Bible, Catholicism

Today’s Gospel: Luke 24:13-35

The Invitation to Stay

The two men walking to Emmaus feel discouraged and disappointed over recent events. They had such hope for this man, this Jesus, to redeem Israel. Even reports that He was still alive only served to confuse them, because this was not something they could see, had seen. Their young faith, being tested, was not yet resolute.

Then Jesus begins to walk beside them, explaining all the ways that His life, death and resurrection fulfilled God’s plan. And though their hearts burned, they did not see and recognize Him because they remained downcast. As Jesus appeared that he was going to walk on further, the two men invited Him to stay. That invitation allowed Jesus to make Himself known, revealed through the breaking of the bread.

Like these early disciples, we also experience discouragement and disappointment on the road of life. There are days when we are excited and hopeful at the direction we’re going, only to have our life take a turn for the worse. Our hopes fall apart, leaving us angry or fearful.

When we are focused on our troubles, we may lose sight of Jesus and fail to recognize Him even as He walks beside us. He knows we can grow strong in broken places and that we are part of His greater plan for love. Our faith will be tested.

On our road to Emmaus, Jesus walks with us, guides us, but we must invite Him to stay with us. Only then can we begin to recognize Him at work amid our troubles. When we put our faith and hope in God during these ever-changing moments of our lives, He will reveal God’s plan and purpose in everything that happens. And may our hearts burn within us, alive with a new trust and faith.


Where does Jesus come to meet you in your struggles? Where have you seen Christ and recognized Him?


Lord, in the ever-changing moments of my life, open the eyes of my burning heart. I invite you to stay with me and make Yourself known.


Shelly Henley Kelly