Trunk or Treat Ideas

Everyone’s heard of bobbing for apples, but at our annual parish Trunk or Treat we go bobbing for donuts.

Trunk or Treats are growing in popularity, providing communities an opportunity to blend trick or treating – among decorated cars – with a Fall Festival. Our annual trunk or treat traditionally takes place on the Saturday evening before Halloween and attracts neighbors from the greater community. Costumed children visit amongst decorated cars, bob for donuts, play games run by our teens, and watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” (or an Astros game if they’re in the playoffs) on the side of the church building, while parents visit and bop to the tunes of a live 80’s cover band.

Which brings me to my current dilemma. I need Trunk or Treat ideas this year. There are people who plan their cars for weeks, if not months in advance. We’ve seen some elaborate set ups, with coordinated themes or a professional-style trunk or treat car decorating kit, and then there’s me. If you’re considering participating in a Trunk or Treat this year and looking for some ideas that are easy to set up at the (sometimes) last minute, keep reading!

Home Style: For the first year I pretty much just pulled the Halloween decorations from my house, added a cobweb and Voila!  A car for Trunk or Treat.

Home Style "Basic" Trunk or Treat idea

Casino Night: My second year I was determined to be a little more coordinated by planning in advance. Hm…does hitting the party supply store a few hours before the event count as “planning in advance?”  Turns out going into a party supply store for Halloween decorations the Saturday before Halloween is NOT a good idea. That place was a mad house. I grabbed at the first thing I found that might work and left. That year my sister and I ran a Casino Blackjack table complete with wigs and Halloween shirts. It turned out to be a big hit with the adults, and Shelly had the kids “counting cards,” until our new Pastor walked up and asked – “Are you promoting gambling at church?”  My face fell.  Oh no!  What have I done?  He laughed and jumped in to help deal cards. All in good fun.

Casino Night Trunk or Treat

Camp Camo: Shelly’s family raided their garage for a camo screen, cardboard target, camp chair, and beef jerky and dressed up the family truck “Duck Dynasty” style. An easy build with materials already available to them. Turns out, it was a popular theme that year. But I think they nailed it!

Camp Camo "Duck Dynasty" Trunk or Treat ideas

College Football Fans: Then there was the year we came straight from our Alma Mater’s Homecoming football game. You guessed it. Our theme was College Tailgate. It was pretty comfortable and we got lots of comments from the adults on our school’s victory that day.

College Football Tailgate Trunk or Treat

Birthday Party: One year, Shelly used Trunk or Treat to host a “birthday party” for her youngest, decorating with streamers, balloons, and birthday bag presents. The birthday boy and his guests trunk or treated, before returning to the car for candles, singing, and cake. She says it was the easiest party ever planned.

Birthday Party Trunk or Treat

Rock Band: During the pandemic shut down our family rediscovered our old Wii Rock Band game, so that year for our drive thru style Trunk or Treat, we decided to Rock Out! Unfortunately, my decorations were a bit lacking. But we made up for it in costumes and personality!

Rock Bank Trunk or Treat Ideas

And that brings us to this year. What are your best ideas for Trunk or Treat decorating? Preferably last minute please. Ha ha. That’s just how we do it best.

Come find us over on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and leave us a comment with you suggestions. I could use all the help you can provide to get us ready this year.

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