St. Dymphna’s Playbook: Finding Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Author and therapist Tommy Tighe states in the introduction of his new book that he wants us to feel heard, loved and supported as we work together to heal from mental health experiences.  He accomplishes that and more in his book, St. Dymphna’s Playbook: A Catholic Guide to Finding Mental and Emotional Well-Being.

The book is broken up in sections with different mental health and emotional experiences we might be living through and then the sub-chapters delve deeper into each one.  The format of each chapter first talks about and defines the mental health issue of the chapter, then covers;

•    So What Do We Do?
•    Is there Healing and Relief Out There?
•    What the Bible Says about ….
•    What the Saints Say about ….
•    Summary
•    Closing Prayer

When I read a certain section and exact chapter that I have personally experienced the mental health topic, I felt heard, loved, and supported.  Immediately, I knew I’m not alone.  There are other good, solid people of faith who struggle with some of these things just like me. 

Tighe’s use of scripture reinforces that God recognizes my struggle and through the example of the Saints, he reminds me that they struggled as well and are now ready to intercede and pray for me.  The closing prayer to that chapter is one I’ve heard over and over, but it now takes on new, deeper meaning for me.

St. Dymphna's Playbook offers Mental Health healing from Catholic perspective.

Tighe discusses each topic with genuine care and concern.  Reading the chapters covering mental health or emotional issues that I’ve not experienced gave me insight and understanding that is extremely helpful as I interact with people in my life who may be experiencing some of the topics he discussed.

With the list of topics including Depression, Trauma, Grief, Anxiety, and Relationships almost everyone will find a section or sub-chapter that will be helpful for themselves or a loved-one. This is a book I have gifted to many others in my life who have been impacted by mental health issues themselves, or with loved ones.

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Lisa Henley Jones