Give Up Worry for Lent

Jesus I Trust in You

When I picked up the book “Give Up Worry for Lent! 40 Days to Finding Peace in Christ” by Gary Zimak almost 40 days ago, I was looking forward to what the subtitle offered me – Finding Peace in Christ.  What I got for Lent was so much more…

The small book reads like a daily devotional for Lent with a scripture, reflection, response, and prayer for each day.  

Reading through the book this Lent started off well, with the short but impactful daily chapters offering to help enhance my trust in God. But little did I know what Lent & COVID-19 had in store for this year’s journey to Easter.  Suddenly, all of the things I was giving up for Lent became extra hard or irrelevant and new challenges, such as losing the opportunities for a retreat, adoration, reconciliation, and even receiving the Eucharist, loomed large in the last few weeks drastically changing my Lent.

Give up Worry for Lent - 40 Days to finding peace in Christ by Gary Zimak

This little book has become a refuge from the storm raging around me.  For a few minutes each morning I am able to read, reflect and pray with the focus of trusting God and finding peace.  It provides me a respite from the worry threatening to overwhelm me. 

My favorite chapter was Day 29 – Do you Trust God?  I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it involves a hug from Jesus and the Divine Mercy prayer, “Jesus, I trust in You.”

This book is NOT just for Lent.  It can and should be read anytime you want to give yourself a 40 day retreat from worry to focus on finding peace in Christ.

Give Up Worry for Lent Book - Lenten Reading


Lisa Henley Jones