A Conversation with Maria Johnson

A Conversation with Maria Johnson about her new book, "Our Lady of Charity"

If you can get through our laughing, we invite you to listen to our conversation with Maria Johnson as we discuss her latest book, “Our Lady of Charity: How a Cuban Devotion to Mary Helped me Grow in Faith and Love.”

Interview with Maria Johnson

Based on the journal kept during her first return to Cuba in 2015, Maria unpacks her spiritual journey, a little bit of Cuban history, and the devotion to Our Lady which continues to be relevant during our current stormy climate.

In this interview, that she hopes her publicist will never hear, you will learn about:

  • Maria’s Pilgrimage to Cuba after 50 years of political exile
  • The gift she offered to Our Lady of Charity
  • Her Private Audience with the Pope and the personal gift received from him.
  • A specific Challenge given to her by an Uncle (not the Bishop)
  • A tender moment she saw in Pope Francis and how she responded…

(And that’s just the first 20-minutes)

Stay tuned for more talk and laughter about:

  • Becoming our mothers
  • Her calling to become a writer
  • Making a Marian Consecration
  • How to approach failure….
  • The Best Hook in a book ever!

But Don’t Miss…

  • Behind the scenes details from presenting her gift to OLC
  • How Maria became a 3rd class relic of St. Pope John Paul II
  • The response she’s received about her book 
  • Why OLC is an important catechesis for Salvation History

This is the podcast that never ends….  until someone gets a kiss.

Listen here:

“Life’s too short to pass up a chance to do something crazy.” – Maria Johnson

Grab yourself a copy of this book.


Shelly Henley Kelly