Make Today Matter

Make Today Matter by Chris Lowney - Blog Hop

From the moment I pulled this little book out of the mailing package I  knew it was going to be special.  Why you ask?  Just a hunch based on the smile on my face when I saw it and read the cover.  First of all, the colors were happy and the gold radiated like the sun around the words. “Make Today Matter: 10 Habits for a Better Life (and World).”  Um, Yes Please!

I immediately opened the cover and read the first words, “Picture Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey’s fury…” my eyes welled up, my chest tightened and I was immediately intrigued to read more.  How was this author going to relate what our city and community went through less than a year ago and making today matter?  The introduction title is, “Why Does it Take a Crisis?” and not to spoil the intro, but I’ll share that the author, Chris Lowney, understands #HoustonStrong and how our communities came together to support and take care of one another.  

Diving into this new book from Loyola Press, I found myself looking for a notebook to write down all the big things I wanted to remember for later.  I even jumped on Instagram during Chapter 2 to share a statement I found truly inspiring.

“Bring big heart by making the most of every opportunity, by perceiving your opportunities  as broadly as you can, and by developing your gifts as fully as you can, and using your gifts for great purposes.” 

Chapter five, “Banish the Inner Demons: Be Free for What Matters” struck a deep chord with me.  Let’s be honest, we all have a habit or two that is holding us back in life.  As I read through this short chapter, I worked to identify what mine might be.  I stumbled onto “procrastination.”  Oh my, Yes.  I put off so many important things until the last minute.  My mind reasons I’m just in a busy season of life with a million things going on at all times and I’m just trying to get it all done.  Hmmm.  That’s an easy out and I know it deep down.  After going through the first few chapters of this book and identifying what matters to me I’m ready to be a little more honest with myself.

When I examine which things I put off and which things I tackle right away I see that I’m procrastinating out of fear.  These are things that I’m afraid to fail at and worried about the outcome.  It’s almost like I’m setting myself up with a ready made excuse.  “If it isn’t any good, well, it’s because I had to do it in a rush.”

Wow.  What a revelation for me.  This changes how I look at tasks I’m avoiding at the current moment.

When I say this little book packs a punch, I’m not kidding.  Chapter five is only six small pages and it helped me realize not only the “why” behind something holding me back but it’s lit a fire in me to want to free myself of it.  I want to do this so I can pursue the life I want, a life that matters.

Thank you Chris Lowney and Loyola Press for gifting me this book in return for joining your blog hop.  I haven’t even finished reading it but I’m ready to gift a copy to so many people in my life who would benefit from this message.

Make Today Matter by Chris Lowney

If you are interested in “Make Today Matter: 10 Habits for a Better Life (and World) head over to Loyola Press to pick up a copy.


Lisa Henley Jones