Happy New Year 2017

Shelly and I (Lisa) and our families spent the final days of 2016 with our families at our family ranch in central Texas.  After going on a long walk Saturday afternoon we decided to record a short New Year’s Eve video for you about setting goals in the New Year.  We picked a spot looking out over the pasture, set up the tripod with camera and got started.  Little did we know that our loved ones would all want in on the action – and that we would never regain control over the train wreck that incurred Live on Facebook.

To save you some of 2017 you wouldn’t get back by watching the original video, here’s a taste of our crazy family reflecting on 2016, looking forward to 2017, and everything else in between.

Happy New Year!  
May your 2017 be filled with much happiness and many blessings.
Lisa & Shelly


Lisa Henley Jones