SafeSplash Week Three: It’s So Cool Underwater!

Swimming Lesson - back float
Swimming Goggles

Houston, We Have Goggles and it’s a whole new world!  As a non-swimmer who can’t remember the last time I wore goggles in the pool, I had no idea how much it would change my son’s perspective on swimming lessons.  Excited about his new goggles, he couldn’t wait to get his face underwater, “Now I can see underwater!” Every time the instructor takes another child down the swimming lane, my son is bobbing up and down, looking around under the water, 

On this third week the “newness” of lessons is worn off and he’s relaxed and chatty. When the instructor takes him out to practice kicking and scooping, he’s so busy talking to her he forgets to kick. He’s participating without really thinking about it and while he’s making all the right movements they’re very loosely coordinated, kind of all over the place.
Another milestone, he’s not fighting or tensing up when she lays him on his back, immediately spreading his arms out with very little hesitation. 
I’m curious why he will try and learn with other people, but not with his parents – is this true for all kids?  I’ve tried teaching my children various skills only to be met with eye rolling and half-hearted attempts. But ask another adult to introduce or teach the same exercise (and pay them) and suddenly my children look upon them with the respect due to an expert.  Whatever the reason, the lessons from SafeSplash are just long enough to keep his interest.
At the end of this lesson, he hops out of the pool and can’t stop talking about how cool it is underwater! Goggles made all the difference.
See underwater with goggles


Shelly Henley Kelly