Busted – Mom in Hiding

by | Sep 26, 2015 | Family, Parenting

Hiding from my kidsOk moms.  Admit it. We’ve all had those days where you just want some peace and quiet.  When you’ve heard Mom, Mom, Mom…  coming from another room and you just want to hide.  
Well, I admit to doing it.   Hiding.
Even though my kids aren’t little bitties any more, I , on occasion, do hide from them.  Especially when they want to ask me really silly things, like if they can have something to drink…
But the best is when you are busted for hiding by your teenage daughter….  Yep.  Guilty….. 
We had a good laugh about this one.
So moms, if you need a place to hide, find a better place than I.
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Lisa Henley Jones