Thrilled to be Three: Holding Jesus

Sunday evening we attended Life Teen Mass as usual. We always try to sit in the front row for a number of reasons, but primarily so Douglas will pay attention and watch the Mass. After receiving Eucharist and a moment in prayer I watched my older daughter, recently confirmed, serving as Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist while the choir sang Hosanna (by Hillsong United).

I glanced to my right to check that my little man is behaving. This is what I see (yes, later I snuck the iPhone out to click a picture)…

And a Child Shall Lead Them - Holding Jesus

He sees me looking at him and solemnly says, “I’m holding Jesus in my heart,” before turning back and gazing reverently at the altar and crucifix.

And yes, there were tears in my eyes that my little three year old recognizes God is present in his life and heart.

– Shelly


Shelly Henley Kelly