7 Quick Takes: Road Trip

– 1 –
Summer Road Trip - Before Picture

Last week my family spent nine days together traveling to Fort Collins, CO for our daughter’s softball tournament. I plan to work up a longer post about the trip overall, but wanted to mention that we had a really great time together. As our daughters are now teens, they’re growing more and more independent, and it’s rare to have so much “together” time and get along so well. Since our return earlier this week, it’s been difficult to return to work and not be with them all day.

– 2 –
For the 17 hour drive that we broke into two days of driving (with a 3 yr old!) I packed a bag full of books and didn’t look at a single one! Does anyone else do that? Instead of isolating myself in the front seat with a book or earbuds, my husband and I talked about small stuff. My kids groaned aloud every time I used the Handbook of Texas to discover and read aloud historical information about every small town on 287 between Fort Worth and Amarillo. (Hint: most of the towns were built because of the railroad.) There was just so much to look at as we crossed the great plains of the Texas panhandle, northern New Mexico, and crossed Colorado, who had time to read?
– 3 –
Of Sound Mind and Spirit meets Aquinas and MoreIan and Paula Rutherford, of Aquinas and More, graciously invited us to dinner one night while we were in Colorado. As couple-introverts, accepting their invitation fell a little outside our comfort zone, but I’m so glad we took the opportunity because we had such a lovely visit. Even though I haven’t seen Ian in person since the Arlington CNMC, they were perfect hosts and made us feel so welcome. As we relaxed and visited on the patio, their younger children played happily with our three year old while our teen daughters laughed and played cards with Ian and Paula’s older children. Thank you Ian and Paula.  
– 4 –
Just before the road trip, Lisa told me that one of my favorite podcasting families started recording again after a nearly two-year break. David and Allyson Sweeney are The Catholic Family. Of all the “family” podcasts out there, David and Allyson talk about family experiences that really connect and inspire me.  Although I didn’t listen to them during the drive (see #2 above) I’m catching up during the my weekly commute, listening to the family haiku, crawfish boils, and Boy Scouts day camp. 
– 5 –
Maria M. Johnson book cover from Ave Maria Press

Also since my return, Maria “Bego” Johnson is getting some pre-publication love for her first book “My Badass Book of Saints: Courageous Women Who Showed Me How to Live.”  I’ve had the honor of seeing a preview and will do a “formal” review as the release date draws closer (not until NOVEMBER, ack!) but can’t help mentioning it now. Don’t let that one title word (bada$$) deter you from checking this out or pre-ordering a copy. Maria explores how real women exemplified certain values in how they lived that directly influenced Maria’s own life. 

– 6 –

I’m discerning whether or not to start contributing to Catholic Mom again. I miss writing, being part of a team, receiving “assignments” and deadlines that aren’t related to my day job.  However, I’m not sure how I’ll make time for it when the day job threatens to overwhelm and take over my personal life. Prayers would be appreciated.

– 7 –

It’s midnight and I’m wondering just who came up with the idea that seven quick takes would be seven, not six or five. In the interest of being “quick,” I’ll leave you with this little video my husband and I made during the last three hours of our two-day drive home last weekend.  It contrasts nicely with our “before” selfie, when we all looked fresh and excited.  Now we just want to get home and be out of the car.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Shelly Henley Kelly