The Kelly Family: A Moment in Time

Lisa texted me this morning “I have an idea for a blog post. Do you mind if I use one of your family pictures from the group shoot in the fall?”
I like the idea, but Skyped her back that mine is not a photo you can just put out there without the back story. Good, bad or ugly… our 2014 family photo tells a story about our family.
The whole thing came about as part of a larger multi-family group photo, using a photographer and friend of my brother and sister in law. In the days before our scheduled shoot, I looked up his online portfolio and discovered a plethora of creative genius with vibrant, edgy, style. These were no quaintly posed group photos; they were families in action! 
Inspiration struck.
We try so hard to make photos reflect perfect people. Hair, makeup, clothes, smile. How many times have you cringed when your child brings home their school picture? The funny face, the missing button, the crooked bangs?  Why do we cringe?  A photograph is meant to capture who you are… at that exact moment in your life.  We should embrace that!
While considering how to dress for our family photo, I took a good long look at who we are as a family. Right at that moment. What do I love best about our family?  When do I find myself watching them and smiling in adoration?
It’s all there… captured in a perfect moment.
Kelly Family Photo | Photo by L. Frederick Hinojosa
Photo by L. Frederick Hinojosa
My oldest daughter, resplendent in her FFA official dress, growing into her own confidence as a young woman in a leadership position, and competing in the State FFA LDE for Radio Broadcasting.

My husband coaching our second daughter, demanding nothing less than her best.

My younger daughter, fiercely competitive, a team leader, developing her softball skills as a Catcher, but doubled over in laughter, not grown out of her childhood yet.

My little boy…the unplanned joy in my life… playing with trucks and happy to just be wherever we take him along.

Myself when I’m happiest. Loving them. Supporting them. Blogging.

What isn’t captured in the photo are the arguments about clothes. The bickering of trying to be there on time. The humid threat of rain hovering constantly. Traipsing through the wet grass.  Realizing (too late) that two children were standing in the ants. That “perfect picture” wasn’t even exactly what I’d planned. The photographer captured a completely spontaneous moment when my daughter broke the “serious” pose and started laughing.

This moment in time captured us. 

* Photo by L. Frederick Hinojosa Photography


Shelly Henley Kelly