NY Eve Conversation: Amazon Link

by | Jan 2, 2015 | Blogging

Lisa and I were talking about the blog on New Year’s Eve, looking back at the year, planning some future posts. At one point the conversation took this turn – 

Lisa: Did you know we’re an affiliate with Amazon but we’ve never promoted it, so no one has ever used the link to order anything?

Me: UH…..  (thinking….) Oh no.. How much money have I spent in the last six weeks on Amazon?   

Ordering Christmas gifts? 

Ordering company party gifts?  

And all this time I could have been “gifting” myself with a kickback!?  It doesn’t cost us anything to post the Amazon affiliate link.  Oh geez – our mother probably ordered every last minute gift from Amazon.  Did she use the link?  Did she KNOW ABOUT the link?

Probably not.

Now, I don’t even know how much the affiliate link kicks back, but it might have been enough for Lisa & I to meet at and share a Dunkin Donuts coffee together!  (shameless plug for #DunkinDonuts.  🙂 
I suppose we should promote the affiliate link on the blog!  Maybe then we will remember to use it ourselves. Here it is – if you like to order things from Amazon and think we do a good job, please click on the link before placing your order. 

New Year Resolution 2015:  

Use our Amazon affiliate link for ordering everything!


Shelly Henley Kelly