The 5 Best Mother’s Day Gifts

5 Best Gift Ideas for Mother's Day That You Can't Buy at a Store

Are you stressing out as what to get the Mom in your life for Mother’s Day?  There is such pressure to get the best Mother’s Day gift for your mom or the mother of your children.

As a mom, my “perfect” Mother’s Day gift list usually involves things you can’t buy at a store.  They come from my family showing love and appreciation for my role as a mom.
Here are my 5 Best Mother’s Day Gifts That You Can’t Buy at a Store...
1.  Breakfast in Bed – This is a way for my kids to gift me with service and show appreciation for all the meals I’ve prepared for them in their lives.  Mine enjoy it so much now that they are older and can do it with very limited help from dad.  Their concoctions truly are legendary and sometimes very yummy.
2.  Spend the Day Together – What does your family enjoy doing together?  We have a tradition of taking a long family bike ride after Mass on Mother’s Day.  There is something about exercise, beautiful weather and something we can do as a family that always makes me smile.
3.  Schedule Quiet Time – Most moms appreciate having a little quiet free time to themselves, especially those with children in the home.  Giving mom time to read, go for coffee, or take a nap may be a great way to say, “I appreciate you.”
4.  Write a Heartfelt Note or Letter – Take the time to write a message to your mother or spouse telling them why you are glad she is in your life.  If the kids are little, let them dictate their message to add to a homemade drawing.  Letters from my husband and kids are something I keep forever and always make me misty eyed.
5.  Help out with a Chore – Is there an item the mom in your life hates doing?  Give her a reprieve for the day or weekend. Maybe there is a “to do” item that never gets crossed off her list?  Complete it!  Just a hint:  Mine would be for the inside of my car to be crumb and grass free for a day.
No matter how you celebrate, the important thing is to let the mother in your life know that she is loved and appreciated.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Lisa Jones
5 Best Gift Ideas for Mother's Day That You Can't Buy at a Store


Lisa Henley Jones