tweet inspiration: Faith in 140 Characters

tweet inspiration- Faith in 140 Characters (or less) by Mark Hart
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How do you share your faith in 140 characters or less?  Take a lesson from Mark Hart in his book, “Tweet Inspiration: Faith in 140 Characters (or less)“.  I picked it up for my teen niece as a Christmas gift and fell in love with it myself.  The author, Mark Hart, executive VP of Life Teen and veteran youth minister, shares his faith with his trademark humor, inspiration and insights in this great book of “quotes.”
Mark embraces twitter as a way to evangelize, share the Good News and offer light in the darkness.  All at 140 characters at a time.  His collection of tweets range from humorous, inspirational, thought provoking, challenging and poignant. A few of my favorites tweets from the book include:

Yes, sometimes God does work in mysterious ways – but often he is really, really obvious (Dt 30:11)

Stress will either drive you crazy or drive you to your knees.  It depends on who is in control of your life.

If your words are not better than silence… be silent. #virtue

This book is not a deep discussion on faith, but a fun yet thought-provoking book of twitter quotes taken from Mark’s prolific Twitter feed. You can follow Mark on Twitter at @LT_TheBiblegeek

You don’t need to be a Twitter user, follower or even familiar with Twitter to enjoy this book and let it challenge you as a Christian to live your faith more fully.

Could you tweet your faith in 140 characters or less?

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Lisa Henley Jones