More Free Pregnancy Sonograms / Ultrasounds in Houston

by | Jan 22, 2014 | Life

In 2011, Houston Coalition for Life brought their Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Center  offering free ultrasounds and sonograms to abortion vulnerable women in front of Planned Parenthood of Houston’s abortion super center on the Gulf Freeway.  Through the mobile crisis pregnancy center lovingly named the Big Blue Bus, the staff and volunteers at Houston Coalition for Life provide free pregnancy sonograms and ultrasounds, counseling and hope to mothers considering abortion for their babies in Houston.  
As we March for Life on the 41st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark US Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion, the Houston Coalition for Life announces project Baby Blue. Baby Blue, a donated 31-foot RV, will be the second mobile crisis pregnancy center serving the women of Houston. This small mobile crisis pregnancy center will be more maneuverable on the streets of Houston and allow staff and volunteers to reach more pregnant women who feel they have no other choice than to turn to abortion.  

Baby Blue - Houston Mobile Pregnancy Center in an RV
Offering free Houston ultrasounds and sonograms to pregnant women

According to the Houston Coalition for Life website;

With this increased scope of operations, we can provide services and encouragement to women who need help; help that the Houston Coalition for Life can deliver. Women in crisis can now find assistance close to home, no matter where they live in the Houston area.

For over 10 years, the Houston Coalition for Life has been prayerfully changing one life at a time. The addition of Baby Blue will help them further serve the pregnant women and unborn babies of Houston.  Head over to their site to discover how you can help Baby Blue get out on the streets of Houston ahead of schedule.  
“This is what ending abortion look like in Houston, Texas…peaceful, prayerful, and pro-active.” ~ Houston Coalition for Life


Lisa Henley Jones