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The Pines Catholic Camp, Big Sandy, Texas, Summer Camp
Did you know there is a Catholic Summer Camp in Texas?  And that it is the only co-ed ACA accredited Catholic camp in the Southwest?  And that it looks REALLY fun!  Watching this video of The Pines Catholic Camp made me want to be a kid again so I could go to summer sleep away camp.

(Are you singing now?  I know I am.)

Since I’m not a kid, I’m doing the next best thing to attending The Pines Catholic summer camp – I’m sending two of my kids. This will be their first summer sleep away camp experience and they couldn’t be more excited (except for a little worry about being homesick). To make it even better, they are going to The Pines with their cousins, Shelly’s girls.  Double excitement!!

After I discovered The Pines online, I asked my friends on Facebook if any of them had experience with the camp.  Social media came through in a big way and my inbox was overloaded with nothing but positive, personal recommendations for The Pines Catholic Camp.  Evidently, many Aggie Catholics volunteer at the camp over the summer and a few friends are former camp counselors.

A friend of mine from my parish told me her middle school daughter returned from The Pines last summer with a new attitude and a greater love for God and the Church.   I’m excited about the idea of my children attending a camp that will not only be loads of camp fun but give them the opportunity to bond with other Catholics and deepen their faith at the same time.

If you haven’t signed your kids up for a week long Summer Camp and live within driving distance to the piney woods of Texas, check out The Pines Catholic Camp.  The campsite is located in the town of Big Sandy, just two hours east of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, four hours from Houston and four and a half hours from Austin, TX.  They still have 2013 Texas Catholic summer camp availability for most kids ranging from entering 2nd grade through 11th grade.  

Lisa Jones

Who knows, maybe our kids will share a cabin!

Catholic Summer Camp Texas, The Pines, Shine Like the Son

Matthew 13:43 – Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father.

**Update** – Lisa’s kids made a video after their 2nd year of camp telling everyone why The Pines Catholic Camp is Awesome!  Check it out! 


Lisa Henley Jones