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by | Jan 22, 2013 | Life

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Today marks the 40th Anniversary of  the Roe v. Wade decision.  For many of us in my generation, we’ve never known a time when abortion wasn’t legal.  We’ve grown up with abortion simply being a part of our culture. But looking forward from this anniversary I see great promise for a renewed focus on life, even while sitting here in Houston in the shadow of the largest abortion facility in the United States. 
Though abortion is an accepted part of our society, people are waking up to the truth that a baby in the womb is a really a baby. It is a small life that cannot defend itself and deserves to be protected.  Women are hearing this message through the increased use of ultrasounds during pregnancy.  We can now see our babies clearly while in utero with ultrasounds regularly available at doctors’ offices and clinics.  We pass around ultrasound pictures to our friends and family just like we do with our newborn photos, commenting on whose nose or lips the baby has. Ultrasounds have humanized the unborn baby and given us an even greater connection to the little person moving around in our belly for nine months. 
Parked in front of Planned Parenthood of Houston’s largest late term abortion clinic is a Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Unit (MCPU) offering women free pregnancy ultrasounds and sonograms.  Staffers are available to meet with abortion vulnerable women to provide free pregnancy tests, free sonograms and counseling to pregnant Houston women in crisis.  Houston Coalition for Life reports the MCPU has a approximate 98% turn-around rate for mothers who were planning to choose abortion and instead chose LIFE.  
In addition to mobile ultrasound units parked in front of abortion facilities, local Pregnancy Resource Centers are also adding sonogram capabilities to their locations.  Studies reflect that 70-90% of women shown an ultrasound of their baby choose LIFE for that child and these local offices supporting pregnant women in crisis are responding.  In Fort Bend County, TX, the Pregnancy Resource Center in Rosenberg is now the Pregnancy Resource Medical Center offering sonograms to abortion minded pregnant women.  The PRMC also offers pregnant women in Fort Bend County an incredible amount of practical support to help them carry their baby to term and parent in those first couple of years.  
While many today are mourning the US Supreme Court decision 40 years ago that has resulted in the death of over 55 million babies, I choose today to look toward the future.  Our society is moving towards a culture that respects and celebrates LIFE with a great many people working and praying everyday to help it happen.  
Will you join me in praying for those affected by abortion, the babies who have died and for those who work tirelessly to promote Life?  In addition to prayer, will you consider joining a March for Life in your area this weekend, donating to a local Pregnancy Resource Center, or simply speaking to a friend about Life?  
If you have a specific group you support, please mention it in the comments below so we may pray for their efforts and help spread the word about them to those who may find our post. 
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Lisa Henley Jones