What’s on your Bookshelf? Writing to God

This week Lisa wrangles 100+ children and 50+ volunteers for our parish’s very first Vacation Bible School (VBS) so she invited her friend Wendy Wharton to kick off today with a look at the book “Writing to God” by Rachel Hackenberg, provided to us by Paraclete Press in exchange for this honest review. Thank you Wendy!

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Teaching children to give it up to God
As a Christian mom I’m always looking for ways to encourage my children and strengthen their relationships with God. In writing this book, the author, Rachel G. Hackenberg gives a child a realistic approach to connecting with God and seeing both herself and her world the way God sees them.
Often times a child might keep a journal to express herself but Writing to God goes beyond a simple journal. I feel that the author not only wants the child to see life through God’s eyes but to use all of her senses to experience God’s creations. This out-of-the-box approach opens the child’s mind to noticing the world she’s in and to really experience all of the wonders God surrounds her with each and everyday.
By encouraging the child to write about “things I am thankful for smelling” (#1) The child takes time to remember the simple pleasure in the smell of warm cookies or mom’s perfume. By asking her to write about the feel of a soft blanket or the sound of the rain, Hackengberg shows the child that God can be appreciated in every little thing.
The stories from other children and the prayer examples throughout the book, showed my daughter that others had her same concerns and shared her same worries. These examples also showed her that her prayers don’t have to sound rehearsed or perfect, that simply being in His presence and praying in her own words is what matters most.
My daughter age 10, enjoyed the book very much. She felt that writing prayers to God gave her a way to hand her troubles to Him and in doing so took the worry off of her. She felt that her praises to God seemed more meaningful because she was taking the time to sit and write to Him.
In Writing to God, Hackenberg has given children wonderful prayer tools that they can continue to use as they grow both in the world and in His word. Creative and well-written with the loving care of an encouraging mom, this book has something both children and their parents can truly benefit from.


Shelly Henley Kelly