Catholic VBS – Trusting God

In 2 days, my parish begins its first Vacation Bible Study, SKY Totally Catholic VBS from OSV.  Back in May when the idea of a VBS was tossed around, I volunteered to lead it, even though I’ve never attended one.  Crazy!

Vacation Bible School, Catholic, VBS
Totally Catholic VBS from Our Sunday Visitor

As we come down to crunch time, it has hit me that taking on this big project is a lesson for me.  The main scripture for our VBS is “For God All Things Are Possible” Mark 10:27 and the main bible point is “Trust God!”  Does that sound prophetic or what?  I stepped into this role unsure of what I was getting myself into and the last three months really have been a lesson in Trusting God.  

In this home stretch, I am attempting to turn it all over to God.  To take myself out of it and remember the real reason we hold VBS is to bring the children and us closer to God.  Not to see how many decorations we can put up!  
Do you, veteran VBS volunteers or planners, have any last minute advice on how to remain God centered and joyful throughout this next week?  And is there something you wish someone had shared with you before your first VBS?  
VBS Theme – Trust God

I ask for your prayers for our 101 children and 62 volunteers who will spend the week soaring through the SKY and learning to “Trust God!!”


Lisa Henley Jones