Nine Days of Prayer: A Novena to St. Anne

by | Jul 17, 2012 | Prayer, Saints

Pray More Novenas
Church of St. Anne
Krakow Poland
Over the last two years, I’ve learned about  a few different forms of prayer. The novena is a devotional prayer with a series of invocations said over nine straight days.  I’ve tried to pray a Novena a few different times, but even though I start with good intentions, after three or four days I miss a day and forget to finish. 

Recently, I stumbled on this great website that helps you pray a novena through its entirety. Pray More Novenas sends you an email reminder with that days prayer for each day of the novena, allowing you to take a few moments right then to pray. Being signed in also connects you with over 18,256 subscribers praying at the same time.  

A special novena to St. Anne begins today and continues for nine days leading up to St. Anne’s feast day on July 26. As the mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus, we pray for St. Anne to intercede for us on special intentions.  She is considered the patron saint of mothers, grandmothers, unmarried women, women in labor, infertile women, and housewives.  

St. Anne is my baptismal saint, so this year I’ll be praying this Novena in honor of my mother and grandmothers, strong vibrant women who carried a powerful influence over who I am today.  Please join me and over 18,000 others, with your own prayer intentions.


Shelly Henley Kelly