FairyTale Magic Withdrawal

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After watching and podcasting through the first season of the hit ABC TV show, Once Upon a Time, I’m now suffering through a little fairytale withdrawal this summer.  Hopeful to capture just a little of the fairytale magic we are used to while watching OUAT, my husband and I ventured to the movie theater to watch “Snow White and the Huntsman” with friends last month.  We left woefully disappointed. 

No FairyTale Magic
for Snow White & the
With the help of the strong Huntsman, singing dwarves and a well intentioned prince, Snow White came into her own and kicked a little evil Queen booty in this film.  But, hugely missing from the plot are the two things that make regular stories into fairytales: Magic and Love. The writers only glossed over the relationship of the two elements and I won’t begin to tell you how poorly True Love’s kiss was handled.  Instead of celebrating the fairytale, they simply borrowed plot lines from a story we know well and made it into a dark, action movie.  Boo. 
With the summer half over, the quest for my fairytale fix now leads me to Comic-Con, starting today.  Comic-Con began as a comic book and sci-fi convention but has evolved into a multi genre convention, boasted to be the largest convention in the US.  I know the reports and stories about OUAT and other shows will be flying out of San Diego this weekend.  The question becomes, do I stay away from the reports and articles for fear of spoilers?  Or read those articles and tweets promising to tell me what will happen next in Storybrooke, Maine?  Typically, I like spoilers and read them, but then regret it because it takes some of the fun out of a show when you actually watch it.
How do you follow your favorite shows during the summer hiatus?  And do you like to be surprised or can’t wait and read spoilers?   Maybe I should go back and re-watch season 1 to tide me over with a little fairytale magic until the Season 2 premiere. 

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