100 Reasons I’m Thankful

by | Nov 24, 2011 | Holiday, Personal

This Thanksgiving, Lauren Warner’s post, “100 Reasons I’m Thankful” at Sipping Lemonade inspired me to share my own 100 Reasons I’m Thankful.
I’m Thankful for…

1.  Pumpkins. Anything that smells or tastes like pumpkins
2.  Family
3.  Coffee
4.  A hamster named Isabella Fuzzball and a daughter who adores her
5.  iMacs, iPads, MacBooks and the iPhones that rule our household
6.  The examples of the Saints
7.  A comfortable house
8.  The hot Houston summers!
9.  Any rain, no matter how small
10. Elections every four years
11. Chocolate Chip Cookies
12. Lazy Sunday afternoons spent next to the pool with the family
13. My kids being funny and telling jokes
14. Family centered neighborhoods
15. Days I can curl up on the couch with a blanket and a good book
16. Pig Latin
17. Rock Band Wii
18. Hacienda Margarita
19. Red wine
20. The wonderful food at Brennan’s of Houston
21. The wonderful food my husband cooks out of the Brennan’s of Houston cookbook
22. Sting concerts with the hubby
23. Salmon fishing (and the 75 lbs of salmon brought back from Alaska)
24. Flying a kite
25. Our Cows at the ranch
26. The wide open skies of West Texas
27. Family road trips
28. Phi Mu Sisters
29. The love of my life
30. Jalapeno poppers
31. Buccee’s
32. The prayers of my children
33. Geocaching
34. Sappy television Christmas movies
35. The great example of my parents
36. Having spent my 25thbirthday in Paris on my honeymoon
37. Cuddly babies
38. Chocolate covered popcorn made by my husband and kids
39. Breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day
40.The excitement of Cougar football
41. Breathtaking views in the Chinati mountains
42. Cub scout camping
43.A wonderful dedicated pediatrician
44. My husband’s dedication to work that enables me to stay home with the kids
45. Star Wars
46. A hairstylist who tells me the truth
47. Weekends at the ranch
48. My father’s ability to fix almost anything
49. Pleasant memories of childhood
50. Great friends who understand me and my quirks
51. New friends met through new media, who are as great in person as they are online
52. Catholic authors who help me discover the fullness of truth offered in the Catholic church
53. CatholicMom.com
54. The love of my sister.  Without her, Sound Mind and Spirit would not be a reality
55. Comfy velour sweat suits I can wear everywhere
56. Playa del Carmen Mexico
57. The chance to get dressed up in something sparkly
58. The sun on my face
59. My in-laws who’ve accepted me as one of their own
60. Really tough workouts at the gym
61. Mundane household tasks
62. A sister in law who feels like a sister
63. Pandora
64. Deer, turkey, raccoons & other wildlife spotted on our ranch
65. The laughter of my children
66. My husband’s smile
67. My warm, comfortable bed
68. Discovering the joy of each stage of childhood as my kids get older
69. Dora the Explorer, Disney Princesses, The Wiggles & Barney – who helped me get a shower most days when the kids were little
70. Spending days with my family
71. All day lipstick
72. SQPN, who introduced me to a whole online world of Catholics
73. Tropical coconut drinks on the beach
74. Hanging out with family at the Ranch
75. Really loud music with a good dance beat
76. Sign language
77. Christmas decorations
78. A comfy chair
79. Health and mobility
80. The kids relationship with their great-grandmothers
81. Girls annual Christmas brunch
82. Minivans
83. Great fitting jeans
84. Pasta
85. Hiking
86. Beautiful art
87. Rosary
88. Cougar Basketball
89. Hugs from my children
90. Farmers who wave when you drive past on dirt roads
91. Conversations that make you lose track of time
92. A cool swimming pool on a hot, hot day
93. Walkie talkies on family road trips
94. Date night with my husband
95. Family movie night at home
96. Years of wonderful memories with my husband when we were just dating
97. Big bonfires at the ranch
98. Faith
99. God
100. Life
Happy Thanksgiving!!


Lisa Henley Jones