Top 10 Quotes From CNMC 2011

My Top 10 Favorite Quotes heard during the 2011 Catholic New Media Conference by SQPN.

10.  “A new evangelization is needed whenever you encounter a new culture.  That is what is happening today with new communication.” – Sister Anne Flannigan

9.   “You must become the leaders, the encouragers of new media.  God doesn’t call the equipped, but equips the called.” – Pat Gohn

8.   “It all goes back to storytelling.  Jesus taught with stories.” – Sean Patrick Lovett

7.   “Let it be done in our lives before we can communicate it to others.” – Sister Anne Flannigan

6.   “The Church has a beautiful positive message that caters to the soul.” – Father Roderick

5.  “Personal Prayer is essential to effective communication.” – Jeff Geerling

4.  “Technology is not going to bring people back to the Church.  You are.  People are.  Through building meaningful relationships.”  – Matthew Warner

3.  “Are you doing this so that others may see Christ?” Question asked of Sean Patrick Lovett by Blessed Mother Teresa

2.  “Let the light of the star shine through what we do.  The star is greater than us.  The star is Christ.” – Father Roderick

1.  “Let’s go do something beautiful for God!” – Sean Patrick Lovett

I hope to see you at the next Catholic New Media Conference in the Dallas/Fort Worth area – August 29-31, 2012.


Lisa Henley Jones