Book Review – Stay Home, Stay Happy

Stay Home, Stay Happy: 10 Secrets to Loving At-Home Motherhood by Rachel Campos-Duffy
Rachel Campos-Duffy Shares her Secrets
Even after eight years as a stay at home mom, a book with the title, Stay Home, Stay Happy; 10 Secrets to Loving At-Home Motherhood sparks my interest.  Who doesn’t want to know all the secrets that will help us be happy, thankful, and appreciate the best job in the world even when the going seems tough?
Rachel Campos-Duffy writes with a friendly conversational style that invites the reader in to discuss motherhood, as you would with a friend over coffee.  You smile, you laugh, and nod your head at times in a knowing way.  She becomes a girl friend who is sharing her story, her difficulty, and advice as you reflect upon your own.
The section dedicated to centering your life as a mother through the importance of prayer resonated with me.  With many little kids and a busy life, she is practical in her approach of how to achieve a prayer life in the midst of a full family life.
“Prayer will give you and your family strength”
Rachel manages to weave her Catholic Christian faith throughout the book in an unassuming and pleasant way, revealing the importance faith plays in her role as a mother and in their family life.
The idea that we should have friends who are experienced moms to turn to for wisdom and perspective is an important yet oftentimes overlooked relationship. The section on how to choose a mommy mentor made me examine my close mom friendships to discover if anyone is fulfilling that role for me.  And then consider how I provide that role to another friend.
Sprinkled throughout the book are helpful fun quizzes that reinforce the message of each section.  Taking the quiz, “Are You Making the Most of Family Time? What’s Your Home’s Personality?” opened my eyes to how I, as the mother, set the tone for our entire house.  My goal is to have a warm and inviting environment for building strong family bonds, but am I succeeding in doing it for our family?
Parenting books, especially books on motherhood, are as different as each person is unique.  Rachel Campos-Duffy managed to speak to me through her book in a friendly, warm way and gave me comfort that I am part of a group of mom friends who laugh, cry and love while seeking the secret to at-home motherhood.


Lisa Henley Jones