9-11 What Will YOU Do?

by | Sep 9, 2011 | 9/11, History, Holiday

9-11 LogoSunday marks the tenth anniversary of the terrible attacks on our country that changed us forever.

In 2009, Lisa and I contributed to Project 2996, writing about Joseph Navas. Last year, Lisa wrote about the emotion of 9-11, while I shared what I was doing that morning. Our father even contributed a guest post stating what all Americans must remember.

This past weekend I noticed posters in the mall calling for a 9-11 Tribute with images showing people pledging to do one thing in memory of 9-11.

As our country prepares to commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9-11 this Sunday, I’ve been remembering the emotion of that day. How I felt swept up in a ferocious anger and desire to do something, anything to say we will not give in to this attack.

Ten years later, I still remember that emotion and feel that desire.

Ten years later, how will we honor the victims. Honor the heroes.

What will you do?

Go to Adoration.
Pray the Rosary.
Give blood.
Spend time with your family.
Pray for our national leaders.

We can use this emotion to give back to our community, our families.

To find that one thing that captures our tenacity.

Our national spirit.

Our will to live without fear.

I will….


Shelly Henley Kelly