Pregnancy Contradictions

Seven months pregnant

Today, I’ve been pregnant (and forty) for 205 days. As I face down the last ten weeks, I’ve noticed that pregnant women live a life full of contradictions. Here are just a few that I’ve actually heard over the past 7-10 days.

  • Eat healthy.
  • You’re pregnant, eat whatever you crave while you can.
  • Eat small portions every few hours.
  • Fill up your plate honey, you’re eating for two.
  • You’re going to have these three (huge work) projects completed before you go on maternity leave, right?
  • You really should try and take it easy during these last two months.
  • You know you shouldn’t be traveling during the last trimester.
  • Why didn’t you go on the big Colorado vacation with your family this week?
  • Are you having fun setting up the baby’s room?
  • You shouldn’t be moving furniture or even in the house with paint fumes at all!
  • Make sure you get plenty of exercise! Keep moving!
  • Sit down, get plenty of rest, and put your feet up!
  • You’re so big!
  • You’re so tiny!
  • You look tired.
  • You look great.
  • I’ve heard that having a baby after 40 is really risky.
  • Don’t you just love being pregnant again after all these years?
  • You don’t seem to be affected at all by pregnancy hormones.
  • Why are you so sensitive and emotional all the time? Can’t you control yourself?
  • They keep this building so cold during the summer, you don’t mind if I turn on the office space heater, do you?
  • I just don’t know how you can be pregnant during the summer with all this heat
Are you expecting? Do you recognize any of these? Share them with me! We need to stick together and laugh, before those darn hormones kick in and we discover we’re really crying about… what was it again?


Shelly Henley Kelly