Celebrating 60 Years of Service

On June 29, 1951, a young man named Joseph Ratzinger was ordained a priest in Friesing, Germany. Sixty years later, he serves God and the church as Pope Benedict XVI. A few months ago, this rare video emerged online showing the young Ratzinger during his ordination (4:52-4:55 mark).

Image from News.va The Vatican TodayIn his 1997 autobiography, Pope Benedict reflects on the most important moment of his life:

“We were more than forty candidates, who, at the solemn call on that radiant summer day, which I remember as the high point of my life, responded “Adsum”, Here I am. We should not be superstitious; but, at that moment when the elderly archbishop laid his hands on me, a little bird—perhaps a lark—flew up from the high altar in the cathedral and trilled a little joyful song. And I could not but see in this a reassurance from on high, as if I heard the words “This is good, you are on the right way.”

In honor of the 60th anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s ordination, please pray with us for an increase in vocations. We need more young men to hear God’s call and follow Him into religious service as priests.

Father, we’re your people, the work of your hands. So precious are we in your sight that you sent your Son, Jesus. Jesus calls us to heal the broken-hearted, to dry the tears of those who mourn, to give hope to those who despair, and to rejoice in your steadfast love. We, the baptized, realize our call to serve. Help us to know how. Call forth from among us priests, sisters, brothers and lay ministers. With our hearts you continue to love your people. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever.



Shelly Henley Kelly