175 Years of Texas Independence

by | Mar 2, 2011 | History, Texas

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No matter how you try to say it, Texans across the state are excited about celebrating 175 years of Independence today.

Last year we presented the basic facts about Texans declaring their independence from Mexico. This year we invite you to travel the Texas Independence Trail visiting Texas landmarks hosting upcoming events. The Texas State Historical Association provides a helpful list with links of event dates throughout March and April. No matter where you live in Texas, there will be an event, exhibit, lecture, or re-enactment.

Image from Texas State Library and Archives exhibit website

If you can’t travel across our great state of Texas, you may be interested in taking a tour of the new online exhibit presented by the Texas State Library and Archives showcasing a dozen carefully selected documents honoring the people and events of the Texas Revolution including our own Declaration of Independence (pictured above).

Pick up a copy of Texas Monthly (March issue) for their “Great Terquasquincentennial Road Trip, featuring 175 spots in the state where defining events took place. Editors also include a Terquasquincentennial blog allowing readers to post their own suggestions for great moments or places in Texas history.
Wherever you may live across our nation, we hope you pause with us to raise a glass in honor of our brave Texas heroes in their cause for independence.

“Texas will again lift its head and stand among the nations” – Sam Houston


Shelly Henley Kelly