What can I do to stop Abortion?

by | Jan 24, 2011 | Christianity, Life

Last week a friend confided in me that her teenage daughter was horrified by facts presented to her church youth group about abortion. She came home in tears declaring that she wanted to “go to Washington to save the babies.”

My friend, who loves her daughter very much and appreciates her early devotion to life, had to inform her that they would not be traveling 600 miles to the March for Life .

Image of 2010 March for Life used from National Catholic Register-March for Life 2011 Live Blogging page.

I understand how my friend’s daughter, the oldest of four, must be shocked to learn how many women engage in this behavior, throwing away a life in development because it’s inconvenient or untimely. I understand that surge of adrenaline that makes you want to rush out and be part of something big, like marching in DC with other like-minded people, to feel like you’re doing something to stop it.

I also know the other side – that fleeting moment of helplessness when you wonder what can one person do to stop the genocide taking place in our country? How can we channel our energies in a positive, meaningful way?

St. Therese of Lisieux desperately wanted to be a missionary to Vietnam, but couldn’t travel because of her health. She knew she would never go out into the world and perform great deeds, so instead she focused her life on little sacrifices, little ways. Young people, moved to do something, but who cannot be in Washington DC for the March for Life, can make their own little sacrifices in little ways that lead to great impact.

Prayer is powerful.

One way to make a difference is to put it in God’s hands. Pray daily. Download the Rosary Army podcast on iTunes, put it on the iPod and find 20 -25 minutes each day to pray that hearts will be turned. Join and support the next 40 Days for Life campaign, focusing our prayer on those women feeling hopeless, without choice.

Live our Beliefs

One of the best things we can do for young people everywhere is to demonstrably live our pro-life beliefs. We must raise our children to understand the value of life in all forms, to respect life, and to attach moral responsibility to all of our actions in life. This includes honoring the sanctity of marriage and practicing abstinence. As more young people develop and express these moral beliefs, including abstinence, to their friends, their actions may also inspire others, which could prevent abortions.

As others march in Washington for Life today at noon, let us pray that more women who are faced with a choice, choose life.


Shelly Henley Kelly