The Smart Martha Way for Busy Moms

Smart Martha for Busy Moms - Book review of Smart Martha's Catholic Guide for Busy Moms
Recently I picked up a new book from Our Sunday Visitor titled, “Smart Martha’s Catholic Guide for Busy Moms”.  The title instantly spoke to me, as it offered a Catholic perspective organizing my busy life as a mom. I’m happy to report that the book did not disappoint!

Author Tami Kiser expands on the Bible story of Mary & Martha to help moms find the perfect balance in their life between prayer and work.  Her key phrase, “The Smart Martha Way” translates as “women who want to get their work done, yet know that their first priority is to look for and always be attentive to Christ who is present.”  Tami uses her organizational skills and experience as a busy mom of nine kids to show us how we can all be a “Smart Martha” at home.

My favorite thing about the book must be the real practical solutions incorporating your Catholic faith into the mundane chores, busy mom schedule and overall everyday family life. Tami provides helpful resources throughout the chapters including tools for keeping a playroom clean, helpful tips for dinner planning, secrets to conquering laundry (in a house with 5 teenagers!), and managing electronic time with the kids.
I’m working on creating a chore chart now, based on her suggestions to include cleaning chores in manageable Daily, Weekly and Big Occasional categories.  I’ve discovered that just altering my thinking about cleaning chores in line with her suggestions makes cleaning my house feel more manageable.
Most importantly, with her practical solutions, she offers real support to women who find themselves in the midst of a busy home life.  Her website Smart Martha serves as a supplement to the book (though the website came first) with weekly tips, newsletter, and information about her Smart Martha seminars.  She has even produced a DVD with her 10-year-old son showing kids how to clean a bathroom.  (Reminder to self, show this to my own son!)
Reading and thinking about the “Smart Martha Way” encourages me to stay on top of my “to do” list and take care of family responsibilities while nurturing my Mary side of spirituality at the same time.


Lisa Henley Jones