A Choice for Life

by | Jan 21, 2011 | Christianity, Life

Our society seems to have lost the value of personal responsibility.  When faced with a problem or something unexpected happens, some don’t know how to handle it and want a quick fix. Sadly for many, that includes an unexpected pregnancy.  Many turn to abortion as a shockingly easy “quick fix” in a society unwilling to face hardship, unwilling to accept personal responsibility, unwilling to put another life ahead of their own.
Just two weeks ago we learned that in 41% of pregnancies in New York City end in abortion; with higher statistics for minorities:  50% of Hispanic pregnancies and a whopping 60% for African-Americans.  87,000 babies killed in one year in one city.
When counseling pregnant abortion minded women, I heard them say, “I have no choice.”  They would agree with the majority of Americans that abortion is wrong, even telling me they thought it was wrong, and then they’d utter those heart wrenching words, “I have no choice.”  It’s ironic that the pro-abortion movement calls themselves pro-choice, when the women I counseled repeatedly told me they needed an abortion because they had no choice.
Even though I could provide them with information, pamphlets and contacts within organizations to help them with their financial, practical, or health care needs, these women could not imagine facing the difficult or unexpected road.  “I just need this to go away.”  They felt hopeless and lost.  Without a choice.   They could not see beyond what was promised to them as a simple solution, something that could be taken care of quickly, and then promised their life will go back to normal.
Some circles in our society suggest we can make decisions without suffering any consequences.  We have the right to be in control, of our body and our lives.  However, in truth, it is only an illusion of control.  There is hopelessness and a feeling of being lost when we are not trusting God.  With faith, we surrender our life and control to God.  We trust in His will.  There is no such thing as hopelessness and lost when you believe. 
And the truth is, there are no easy fixes.  We can’t make something unplanned “just go away.”  Every choice has serious consequences.  We all have choices, including the choice to trust our Lord with our lives.  To blindly trust in Him to walk us through the difficult and unexpected times. 
During the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade this weekend, join us in prayer for all the mothers who feel hopeless and lost.  Pray for the women who don’t feel they have the choice to love their babies and give them life. 


Lisa Henley Jones