WWJD or What Would Joseph Do (on Twitter)

Earlier this week, after posting about how people are using Facebook for real-life labor and birth announcements, I went to Twitter to post the link. While there, I played around with the idea of how Joseph and Mary might have announced the birth of Jesus on Facebook or Twitter. My tweets looked like this:


  • Wondering what Joseph would have put on FB status for Jesus’ birth. OMG Mary in labor & we’re stuck in a stable because no room at the inn!
  • Social Media Birth Announcements? Can you imagine Joseph tweeting: Our Son Jesus born tonight in Bethlehem stable
  • If Joseph tweeted: Jesus wrapped in swaddling & in manger now. HUGE star appeared overhead. Coincidence? Maybe not
  • What do you think the shepherds would have tweeted?? Wise men??
  • But seriously – today’s blog post at SMAS is about welcoming newborns this Advent, and how we spread news via Facebook.

And in the cool way the interconnected world works, someone sent me the link to this video on the Digital Nativity! Enjoy!


Shelly Henley Kelly