Sometimes God gives you a push

After the positive experience of attending the CNMC last year and being welcomed into this new Catholic New Media movement across social networking, I found myself desiring a more solid connection with our parish priest and church community. Though I’d spent two years assisting with CCE, I resolved to become more involved with my parish, seeking opportunities to develop friendships and relationships with other Christians based on our faith.

Over a year ago, Lisa and I posed the question “How well do you know your parish priests?” Within days of that post, a letter from my church arrived on a busy afternoon. I only half-glanced at it, thinking it a form letter probably asking for donations, then dropped the folded letter into my work back side sleeve “to read later,” and promptly forgot about it.

About ten days later, someone I knew slightly from the elementary school PTA stopped me after Mass to express her surprise that I wasn’t at the meeting earlier that week. “What meeting?” I asked.

Apparently the “form letter” I so casually set aside invited me, personally, to an informational meeting in response to my nomination to Pastoral Council. Embarrassed to admit that I not only hadn’t read the letter entirely, but also had no idea of the present whereabouts of the letter, I stammered something in reply. She encouraged me to find the letter and attend the second meeting.

If today you hear His voice, harden not your heart (Psalm 95)
If it hadn’t been for her insistence, I might never have attended that second informational meeting. Or much later found the wayward letter in the side sleeve of my work bag. Or retreated to my bedroom one Sunday afternoon with a handful of scriptures to prayerfully discern whether God truly called me to this. Or had a serious discussion with my husband about attending the final discernment. Or discovered through the discernment process that I really did hear God calling me.

From my first year of service on Pastoral Council, I’ve experienced what happens when we heed God’s call. I’ve learned that God’s call is not about me at all. It’s about accepting His will with humility, even though we are occasionally uncomfortable or unsure about the path. We yield ourselves to Him, allowing Him to work through us to help others. And in return, He fulfills our own needs.

Be open to discerning God’s call in your own life. Sometimes God doesn’t just call…. He sends someone to give you a push.

Psalm 95 Scripture Verse


Shelly Henley Kelly