Rome Sweet Home – An Inspirational Journey

Rome Sweet Home Book by Scott & Kimberly Hahn
Rome Sweet Home
Rome Sweet Home, Our Journey to Catholicism is the beautiful story of conversion to the Catholic faith in the words of the authors, Scott and Kimberly Hahn. The couple is very well known and both are inspired speakers, authors and defenders of the Catholic faith.
In co writing this book, they combined the stories of their very different journeys home to the Catholic Church. Every chapter starts with Scott’s perspective and then switches to Kimberly’s words regarding the same time period or events. It is fascinating to hear their voices, sometimes at very different places in life, next to each other, revealing the distinct paths that brought them both to Catholicism. It surprised me to learn that they came to the Church separate from one another.
Dr Hahn’s journey was one of intellectual honesty. He struggled accepting the scriptures when he realized they led him away from his Protestant faith and his career as a minister. Though, his love of Christ and the Holy Scriptures was too great for him to ignore the obvious truths he discovered. For Kimberly Hahn, her journey was filled with emotion, for her faith, her husband and family. I was amazed at the inner strength she called upon as a wife and mother during these years of spiritual turmoil.
This is a book I could not put down. Their raw honesty and humility struck a deep cord within me. Reading their journey and struggle made me delve more deeply into the basis for my own faith. Dr. Hahn presented the scriptural basis for specific tenets of the Catholic faith in a way I had never encountered. Following the Hahns’ journey of leaving their Protestant faith and embracing the beauty of Catholicism was tremendously inspiring.
Written with integrity, the Hahns have not only shared themselves and their marriage, but their unabiding love for Christ, which led them home to the Catholic Church. Witness Scott and Kimberly Hahn’s journey to Catholicism through their love of Jesus Christ and the scripture in this inspiring book for all Catholics and all those interested in the Catholic faith.

Lisa Jones


Lisa Henley Jones