On 9/11 All Americans Must…

On this 9th anniversary, all Americans must remember the twin towers falling in flames.

All Americans must remember the thousands of people who died in American airplanes and on American soil.

All Americans must remember that we cannot be safe in our own country when we forget that evil people live among us who seek to vent their rage on the innocents in our world.

We, and our loved ones, are kept safe by the actions of our leaders, our military, our neighbors and ourselves. We must be vigilant and aware of the evil realities of the world we live in!

I was angry then, and I am angry now! But, more so, I am concerned that too many of us have forgotten the innocents flinging themselves to certain deaths from the tops of those two buildings because of the fire burning behind them; the innocents in the jetliners who sat passively as the evil ones used those jetliners to kill themselves and others; and the brave souls that gave their lives to prevent their jetliner from being used to bring further destruction to our countrymen.

I am concerned that we, as a nation, once again are losing our resolve and falling back into passive slumber while the evil in the world around us grows ever stronger and more determined to destroy us and our civilization. What weapons will they have at their disposal next time?

Who watches over us as we once again relax our guard and return to a peaceful slumber?

Who are the guardians that will keep the evildoers from our door and our loved ones?

If your loved ones die in the next unguarded attack, what excuses will you accept from our leaders, our military, our neighbors and ourselves???

We are pleased to welcome our father, Arthur Henley, as the first guest blogger on Of Sound Mind and Spirit.


Shelly Henley Kelly