Summer Fun 2010

I am a planner. It’s just who I am. In preparation for summer, I made a spreadsheet of field trips and activities, daily chore charts, science experiments and even a daily schedule. Since school got out, we have been busy with swim team, hanging out with friends and crossing things off my “Summer Fun 2010” list.  Seriously, my list really is called Summer Fun 2010.  We’ve gone bowling, story time at the library, seen two  musicals, discovered an art museum, and much more.  
Last week I was lamenting falling off our Summer Fun list, chore charts were a little behind and we were off our daily schedule.  There was no weekly run to Half Price Books for the $3 summer reading gift cards, only one day of workbook action, and a pile of over 60 books from the library not yet read.  I  was running behind on some contract writing and had to stay home to get it done before heading out of town for the CNMC.  It was killing me to be “wasting” valuable summer days keeping the kids home while I tried to work.
So I sat at my desk in my closet, trying to focus on getting my work done, but constantly found myself distracted by little people. Every time I began to get focused, here they came wanting to do something or needing my help.  I tried to shoo them away, but then finally gave in.

Fun with Bubbles

I found out that the kids and I had more fun not following my Summer Fun 2010 list.  We jumped in the pool instead of preparing dinner, played with bubbles, spent an afternoon painting incredible art, played Go Fish together over and over, had a tea party with real china, and had silly fun blowing up balloons.  None of which was on my Summer Fun 2010 list!

Did my work get done during daylight hours?  Did the house get clean or laundry get done?  No, but that’s ok.  We had a wonderful time together.  I think I’m going to “plan” more unplanned time in the two weeks of summer we have left.


Lisa Henley Jones