New Beginnings

New beginnings are scary. Whether you’re sending your youngest off to Kindergarten or your oldest off to college, we are most often afraid of the unknown; the big changes in our lives.

As school children across Texas and other parts of the nation return to school this morning, my oldest begins a new school. These last few weeks of summer were filled with shopping for school supplies and school clothes, learning about lockers and school bus schedules, and anticipating that shift toward new friends and new teachers. The night before starting a new school creates all the nervous anxiety and adrenaline of going up that first big hill on a roller coaster. Click…click…click…click… higher and higher… waiting to crest and fall into the ride.

Last night my daughter tried so hard to show me that she wasn’t anxious or afraid, though she had a thousand questions about what it will be like, where to go, and what to do on a variety of scenarios. As I tucked her in and turned out her light, she asked me to pat her back and sing the old prayer-songs I used to sing when I rocked her to sleep at night as an infant and young toddler. Peace fell softly on both of us as I sang. Though I haven’t done this in many years, the tunes came easily allowing her to relax and drift off to sleep.

I sat for a few more moments in the still darkness to pray.

Thank you for these new beginnings.
Watch over our children as they return to school.
Guide their thoughts, make them open to learning.
Guide their actions, may they demonstrate Your love in little ways.
Bless their teachers, give them wisdom.
Fill them with the right words to reach the hearts and minds of our students.
Bless the bus drivers and crossing guards who watch out for our children.

Bless all those in our lives who support us in our daily routine.



Shelly Henley Kelly