Catholic New Media Celebration MMX

Sunday morning after a short Mass at St. Anthony’s Shrine in Boston, Lisa and I sat in the lobby of the Omni Parker House reflecting on this years’ experience at the Catholic New Media Celebration. For the past day and a half we met some incredible people who are called to spread God’s message through Web 2.0 via blogs, social networking, Twitter, podcasts, and Facebook among others. We struck up conversations “in real life” with people we’ve known virtually for the past year, connected with some in ways we didn’t expect, and made new friends we can’t wait to get to know better via new media.

Shelly, Father Roderick and Lisa at CNMC Meet and Greet

In Saturday’s closing remarks, Father Roderick noted that truly the Holy Spirit had come among those gathered here, evident by the abundance of our shared love, joy, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and peace.   

We truly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit during the CNMC and have been inspired to improve our “Catholic Online Activism,” to borrow a key phrase from speaker Thomas Peters with American Papist.

Watch this week for more details and pictures of our exceptional experience at the Catholic New Media Celebration MMX!

In the meantime, you can view recordings of the keynote speakers and various session at SQPN.
A number of photos & summaries are already available across the web including:
Sound Mind and Spirit (Picasa web)


Shelly Henley Kelly